Customer Center

Customer Portal.

The MedSafe Waste customer portal grants our client full visibility into their medical waste management, allowing them to monitor scheduling, manifest forms, bill payment and more. With 24/7 access to the system, the portal provides total transparency into the status of each customer’s waste. Facility managers can even log in to request a pickup, saving time and hassle.

Compliance Portal Login.

MedSafe Waste’s online compliance training program protects your business by ensuring that staff members maintain required certifications and know how to handle potentially dangerous materials. We offer online compliance training courses for all certifications required by medical waste disposal regulations, producing instant certificates that you can track and manage at the click of a button. We make it easy to stay certified!

Easy-Pak Destruction Documentation.

Customers that use our Easy-Pak Pharmaceutical Mailback Kit can retrieve their Receiving Documents and Destruction Logs below. Enter the manifest number included in the paperwork shipped with the kit, and the documents will be available for download if they have been processed. Processing time is based on the date that medsafe receives the returned kit: approximately 10 days for Receiving Documents and 30 days for Destruction Logs.