First, carefully study the terms of your current contract. Take note of the expiration date and what kind of notification you have to provide if you don’t want to renew. Pay special attention to any auto-renewal provisions – the contract might automatically renew for another multi-year term if you don’t provide the company written notice exactly as described. If your expiration date is still far away, you may have the option of cancelling the contract, but that sometimes requires an early-termination fee. You can always call the company directly and try to negotiate out of the contract.

Go dig up your contract and read through it today! By knowing its exact terms, you can switch to MedSafe when it makes the most sense for you.

Yes, we provide either clean, reusable medical waste bins or disposable corrugated boxes (depending on your preference), as well as plenty of red bags! Both are included with your service fee.

Our pricing is simple, transparent and easy to understand. We charge a fee for each container that we pick up and nothing else – no fuel surcharges, environmental fees, or other hidden costs. Other medical waste disposal companies quote you one price, then surprise you with up to 50% more in hidden fees!

We’ll never do that. What we quote you is what you’ll pay – period.

No problem – we work with new locations all the time! To start, we’ll recommend a service frequency based on our experience with similar facilities. As your business evolves and you develop a better understanding of your medical waste generation, we’ll be there to adjust our service however you need us to.

Medical waste disposal is heavily regulated by multiple authorities, including the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Department of Transportation (DOT). All employees who sign medical waste manifests are required undergo DOT training every 3 years, and OSHA requires that employees who are occupationally exposed to blood or other potentially infectious materials receive annual training in Bloodborne Pathogens.

MedSafe can provide convenient online training to ensure your staff remains up-to-date with all certifications!