Medical Waste Disposal

MedSafe Waste’s core business is medical waste disposal, pickup, and treatment, which encompasses biohazardous “red bag” waste and sharps containers. Our medical waste disposal service not only protects your staff from exposure to potentially infectious materials, but it also ensures that you remain compliant with the complex set of regulations promulgated by the DOT, EPA, OSHA and other governing bodies.

Medical waste disposal is highly regulated and with our services we guarantee highly accessible chain of custody, manifests, and timely reporting of all destruction documents. Confidence in your medical waste hauling is our specialty – safe medical waste disposal is a top priority for your business and we handle your waste while observing all national, state, and local regulations in mind.

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Our medical waste disposal service includes the following:

  • Dependable pickups: Once we establish a service schedule that fits your needs, we show up on time so that you don’t have to plan your schedule around ours
  • Uniquely local: Not only do we show up on time but our fleet is owned and operated by MedSafe Waste, locally. We never subcontract our pickups
  • Electronic tracking: We electronically monitor every container that our drivers handle, keeping you compliant with regulations that require a “cradle-to-grave” system of medical waste management
  • Expert knowledge & support: We own and operate the only medical waste treatment facility in Middle Tennessee, but most medical waste companies rely on 3rd-party contractors to process your waste. By using MedSafe Waste, you’re using the experts
  • Online document management: The law requires you to retain medical waste manifests for 3 years. Our customer portal provides instant access to waste manifests, paperless billing and more, making it painless to comply with document retention requirements and to pay your bill