Pharmaceutical Waste Disposal & Returns

Our pharmaceutical waste disposal program offers a safe and simple turnkey solution to dispose of both hazardous (RCRA) and non-hazardous (non-RCRA) pharmaceutical waste. A coordinated pharmaceutical waste disposal program ensures your compliance with current and future EPA regulations, violations of which can result in fines of $37,500 per day, and it also demonstrates your commitment to environmental stewardship by diverting harmful drug waste from landfills and sewers.

Our on-site pharmaceutical waste disposal service includes:

  • An initial characterization of waste based on your pharmacy’s formulary to determine which items are hazardous and non-hazardous. This saves you the time and risk of conducting complex hazardous waste determinations yourself, where mistakes can cost you thousands
  • Setup of waste containers throughout your facility, including staff training on proper segregation & documentation procedures which makes the program setup seamless
  • Pickup, transport and disposal of all pharmaceutical waste that keeps you compliant and your staff safe

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Our Easy-Pak Pharmaceutical Mailback Kit is the most seamless and efficient service available to return expired and unused drugs for manufacturer credit. As a DEA-licensed reverse distributor, we are authorized to accept the full spectrum of pharmaceuticals, including DEA controlled substances, giving you access to potentially significant return credits from pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Here’s how our Easy-Pak Mailback Kit works:

  • You fill the kit with hazardous pharmaceuticals, non-hazardous pharmaceuticals and Schedule CII – CV controlled substances that you want to return. The Easy-Pak can accept all types of pharmaceuticals, while other companies make you manually segregate and inventory each pill
  • When the kit is full, you simply ship it back to us with the included prepaid shipping label. If you’re returning controlled substances, our online system makes it effortless to complete the required DEA paperwork
  • MedSafe processes your return, sending creditable items to the manufacturer for credit and properly disposing of any non-creditable items. You receive manufacturer credits directly through your wholesaler account and all disposal paperwork for your records

Don’t let the value of your unused pharmaceuticals go to waste! Order an Easy-Pak today or contact us for more information