Reusable Sharps Program

MedSafe Waste’s reusable sharps containers equip you with a safe, economical and environmentally sustainable method of sharps management. With fortified containers designed for prolonged use and reuse, the service is particularly well-suited for hospitals and other facilities that require frequent and convenient sharps management.

Our reusable sharps program drives value in three ways:

  • Increasing safety by minimizing the risk of needle-sticks for all personnel
  • Eliminating costs and inconvenience associated with disposable sharps containers, such as inventory management, assembly, distribution, collection, handling and storage
  • Reducing environmental footprints by eliminating plastic disposable sharps containers from landfills

During our scheduled service, MedSafe professionals will replace every sharps container with an empty one, ensuring that your facility remains clean, safe and hassle free. Partnering with MedSafe Waste for sharps management simplifies your operations and frees up resources to allocate where they’re needed most.

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